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Mobile Application

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Mimobs team, belongs to Mimas Group, is the team which build applications for mobile. Currently Mimobs is researching and creating applications for windows phone – new developing platform in VN and the world. We will expand for other platforms in near future.

We have our own website to introduce the products:


When visitting, you will understand more about mimobs team, also our targets, our ideas and our developments. We share all searching results and all our projects on the website. Until now we have already finished application in many categories such as: Ebook & Refrence, Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Motion, Music & Video, Navigation, Photography, Social,  Tools & Productivity. We also have blog posts regularly about our apps, give users all the required app information. We also insert screenshots and videos, so that potential users get a general feel of our apps. Everybody can leave comment review our apps.


Website also shares our team’s activities, designing process and our projects in future.

Mimas Group also creates windows phone users community and connect them via website

Website shares information about technology, focus mainly on windows and windows phone. Our posts collect latest news about windows phone, reviews post about apps and games on windows phone and necessary information for developers. Windows phone users can update daily news via website and this will increase windows phone plattform.


We are also creating and developping windows phone lovers community on Facebook. By this Mimobs can introduce ideas and product to users more easily. Not only making a professional environment to introducing, we also toward to connecting target, building a community which shares technological knowledge on mobile together.



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