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As we may know, the most popular marketing tools today is still thetraditional forms such as taking survey. These methods are graduallyrevealing a weakness that it cannot get evaluation of the user accurately. Thanks to the development of the brain-machine interfacetechnology, a new concept was born which is neuro-marketing. Withan EEG hardware device like a headset of Emotiv, we can capturebrain signals reflecting the emotion of the user.

This new technology is expected to have a huge impact on the future of marketing. In advertising campaign in the near future, takingsurvey would be replaced by the live experience and retrieval products evaluation opinions of users directly through feelings of them.


Model of Emotion Social Network

In order to meet the potential need, Mimas has used our research results on emotion recognition technologybased on brain science to develop applications “Emotion Social Network (ESN)”. The application will be used in marketing campaigns to assess the quality of specific products such as movies, mobile phones andcars. At first, we pay our attention on movies. With our system, the directors can evaluate the quality of theirfilms by uploading film to our social network. From here, volunteers from all around the world will use EEG headset when they enjoy the movie. Mimas system will capture the entire brain electrical signals from thevolunteers and detect their true emotions (happy, sad, tired, excited, sleepy, etc.). This information will allow directors to test and change and evaluate their products effectively.

Emotion Social Network has been appreciated and was ranked ​​the top 5 best business start-up in the Intel-DST Asia Pacific contest in Bangalore-India in November 2011.

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