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DoKo.VN – social network for sharing and reading materials for the Vietnamese community across the world.

Daily, millions of material is created for various kinds of purposes such as studying, researching… However storaging, searching and connecting the sources of intelligence are not simple. And that is the destination of  DoKo.VN (Documents and Knowledge) – destination of knowledge digitalization, to helps people search, connect and share the sources of quality information more easily with the support from technological application.




Official come into work from the day 01/11/2011, DoKo.VN was built base on the platform with the data as center and users’ convenience as purpose. Doko-is an abbreviation for Documents and KnOwledge, is a social network for sharing and reading materials for the Vietnamese community across the world. DOKO targets on pupils and students more than (20 million) who are in the age of learning and development of knowledge. Doko is created based upon the demand of learning and finding the shared knowledge of the Vietnamese communities around the world Doko also is designed to address the needs of joining the digital content market of book publishers in Vietnam (64 publishers).

Features and advantages

–          Currently,  provide for the user more than 1.400.000 documents data from many sector such as: economics, culture, and science, social… With multiple, diverse resources and frequently updated, DoKo.VN is a huge data center. With intelligent search and fast processing speed,  Doko always towards the best possible experience for users.

–          The Collection feature helps user easy of use and manage document. Just register, you can create your own Collection simply and quickly. Moreover, you can share it flexibly to your friends on social network.

–          Doko focus on reading and sharing tool to bring the best experience on all platforms like web platform, mobile and tablet to user .

With the strength of the youth, the enthusiasm and the creativity, the inventor of website always take their best effort to complete and upgrade user’s experience.


Join with us

Joining into DoKo.VN community, the members do not only access a quality source of knowledge which is updated usually with cheap cost, but also are supported to manage materials effectively by Creating Collection and Online Reading features.

Beside primary website, all members may also follow and share sources of knowledge with DoKo.VN through:

êhrrt Fanpage: DoKo.VN -Knowledge and Information Channel

rghhb  Youtube Channel: DoKo.VN


Thanks to owning a huge database with hundreds of thousands ofdifferent documents, Doko is built with the thought of making data to be the most important component and guarantee that the convenience of the users to be the largest target. Following this vision, we are creating concrete links to spread humanknowledge quickly and efficiently.

DoKo.VN still continue completing in providing and connecting the knowledge sources to community. We are trying to do our best to make Doko become a richintellectual environment to bring more and more benefits to the community.

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