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Acolart – Art of photo collages for Windows Phone

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Acolart is developed by 2 members of Mimob team – TuanTv and CongNT and launched in 2014 Sep 08.

Acolart is a part photo editing and part photo enhancement app. The app allows you to create interesting collages from your photos, add effects or stickers to them, and share them with your friends.



Simple, Fast and Beautiful

– Acolart has more than 100 beautiful grid layouts and frames. At first verson, you can select max 5 photos then choose the layout you like and customize it.

– You can edit layouts, rotate, move and zoom photos easily. You can also tap to rearrange photos. With those features you can make the photo by yourself, the way that you like. There are many image templates for you to add. Border type is changeable with features: Inner and Outer (more coming soon).


Creative by your own way

– You can choose the effect for your photo. Acolart brings you 20 different effects: Anique, Blur, Brightness,…

– If you want your photo looks more funny and special, you can add some stickers. Acolart has stickers in many categories: love, fun, autumn, winter, wedding…(update regulary) You can add any stickers that you like and customize their size in order to fit your photo. It would looks so funny with lovely stickers.


– After creating amazing collages photos with Acolart you can save the photo to Photo Hub and set it as lockscreen. Or you can share them via social network such as: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, send your photos to your friends via Message, Email, Viber, Wechat,…


   What’s new on next verson?

– Acolart will bring you more layouts, photo effects and more stickers

– User can select more photos (over 6 photos)

– Change frame color

– Take multiple photo’s with adjustable timer and more amazing new features.

– Multiple photos in fast action camera mode

 Only released for a week, Acolart was enterned on Top New and Rising App. Not only at “Photography” but also at “All” category.

It’s still rising and be the top 1 new+rising app at US store, Brazil store, Thailand, Indonesia, ….


Acolart has been reviewed in many windows phone forums:,,,,,,,,… That means Acolart is so attractive and will become the best photography app in the near future.



Download this app Here in Windows Phone Store



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