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ITECHSUM – Summarizing and Sharing Information of Technology

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Website is one of Mimas’s products. We built it with the hope that it will be a tech news sites on the top of the internet, an hourly – accessed page of tech devotees who enthusiasts of computer, cellphone or other news related to technology. will become a synthesize website with articles and information related to technology and business world from major channels like TechCrunch, Mashable, The Next Web,… The system will aggregate and summarized by topic, time to help users update latest and hottest news of the day.



Itechsum uses the user interface design similar to Pinterest to help users track new information as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The grid interface helps present articles scientifically and harmoniously, increasing the interactivity between users and websites, simple and not too fussy interface also brings a higher performance processor, users may feel the smoother access from website

With the option to customize the size of thumbnail images of the article to display, user can adjust the number of posts to show on one row, the font size also changes in accordance with facility and expectation of each person.




Contents: website is dedicated to providing technology content and business issues related to technology. The latest idea and news, the hottest share and assessment of the technologies world are fully integrated on the website. Itechsum would be the panorama of the world of technology which is changing everyday every hour, bringing to users the fastest approach, catch up with the trend of the times.



Itechsum uses summary technology and news classification automatically technology. The latest and hottest news from the major pages of technology in the world will be synthesized and summarized by topic and time, helps readers can update information quickly. This is the key to attract user by guaranteeing sufficient information to meet the needs of readers and explore. We use text mining and Natural language processing techniques.


  • Text mining is the discovery and extraction of interesting, non-trivial knowledge from free or unstructured text. This encompasses everything from information retrieval (i.e., document or web site retrieval) to text classification and clustering, to (somewhat more recently) entity, relation, and event extraction.
  • Natural language processing (NLP), is the attempt to extract a fuller meaning representation from free text. This can be put roughly as figuring out who did what to whom, when, where, how and why. NLP typically makes use of linguistic concepts such as part-of-speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) and grammatical structure (either represented as phrases like noun phrase or prepositional phrase, or dependency relations like subject-of or object-of). It has to deal with anaphora (what previous noun does a pronoun or other back-referring phrase correspond to) and ambiguities (both of words and of grammatical structure, such as what is being modified by a given word or prepositional phrase).

Upgrade next part of the system:

It will be mobilization and personalization user information. This means great new and related information will actively seek and interaction with appropriate user. Once user comes back to website, he or she will find all news related to their hobbies or expectation according to their last activities on the website. Appropriate information will be notified proactively to users via mobile, they don’t have to access to website to get information.



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