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Last Saturday morning – 22/9, IT Training Institute NIIT-iNET has organized successfully a workshop on “Learning methods and career opportunities in IT sector ”

The workshop was attended by the representative of institute Mr. Le Xuan Huyen – Director, Mr. Hoang Anh Viet – Director Solutions and Services Mimas JSC.

After starting up with some fun and energy charging, hall atmosphere became more hot, excited and energetic.

Opening the conference is the sharing of Mr. Le Xuan Huyen on approach to learning, how can learning appropriate and effective. From his own experience from high school, from college and now from management roles, the director suggests a model in order to study more effectively and solve any problems.



Directors emphasizes that the most important is the spirit of “proactive,” focus “of us, we just have to master ourselves.

Most students just learn but they do not know what to do in the future? They do not orient themselves into the path they will follow later.

Share of Mr. Hoang Anh Viet – Director of Solutions and Service Mimas JSC will answer that question.

He introduced his own company and the technology that are developing in the world, especially his start – up process, daring to think and daring to do; the idea of ​​using technology to help people with disabilities can control furniture in the house with thoughts. He brought the idea to Asia to present and the idea was estimated at top 5 start – up idea.



It seems that the knowledge he imparted overwhelmed and makes the students feel so excited, why can we control the action with thoughts, why can emotions be recorded then be felt again, why can we feel that we are traveling somewhere when we are in Vietnam? Many questions were posed, whether in the near future we can master these technologies or not?



Throughout his share, he always advises young people that they should let themselves dreams, because their dreams firstly are orientation, the guiding star, their motivation for action and decide their own future.

At the end of the seminar is part of the lucky draw, with the words of excited cheers.

Hopefully this useful knowledge from the seminar will help you get good result in learning, you can get orientation when you’re studying and being succeed on the chosen path.

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