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Talk-show “Inspire Technology Innovation”


Talk-show “Inspire Technology Innovation”

On Saturday, 28.06.2014, Club technology innovation EGG – Hanoi University of Technology held Talk-show: “Inspire Technology Innovation”. The talk show is an opportunity for students who interest in technology to meet, communicate and exchange; answering questions in learning and future work. Mr. Hoang Anh Viet – Director of Mimas  Solutions and Services JSC participated in talk-show as a speaker.

There are two speakers including Mr. Hoang Anh Viet – Director Mimas Solutions and Services JSC, the highest Vietnam Talent Prize in 2010 and Mr. Nguyen The Hung – Founder of VFOSSA Club, Director of Vietnam Open Source Development JSC, the highest Talent Award Vietnam in 2011; Mr. Vu Hong Son – Vice President of ICT Hanoi University of Technology; EGG technology innovation club members and large crowds of students attend to the talk-show.



Opening talk-show, the speakers gave their opinions about the opportunities and challenges of the IT industry in Vietnam. Currently IT industry on the world develops than in Vietnam very much. It is a motivation and also a challenge for IT sector of VN. According to Mr. Hoang Anh Viet there are a lot of challenges of the industry however we should focus on the opportunities that can make the effort to archive. To develop the IT sector in Vietnam IT student generations are required to strive, learn and innovation continuously.

According to him there are three important factors “Profession, passion and creativity”. Students need to enhance the profession, unstop creativity and pursue their passion so they can develop the IT industry in Vietnam to the world.



During the talk-show, two speakers also shared their actual story when they attend the contest, while also offering sincere advices to the students: Just dream and take efforts to carry out your dream; the contests are the place to express yourself, as a springboard to promote products but should not depend on it, do not participate only because award .




Not only sharing their own experiences to add enthusiasm to the students, two speakers in the role of CEO of technology companies and employers also answering the questions of those students members of the employment problem in the future.

The meeting took place in a lively happy atmosphere with a very cordial and very practical advice of the speaker.




The talk-show ended successfully, representative of EGG club gives flowers to two speakers as a thank.




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