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Meet Vietnam Talent over the years 2005-2011


Meet Vietnam Talent over the years 2005-2011

This morning 2012 June 25th, a meeting took place in Hanoi named “Meet Vietnam Talent through the years ” with representation of jury, the organizers, sponsors and authors reached Talent Award Vietnam from 2005 to 2011.


Come to the meeting, the leader of the first award-winning Vietnam Talent Contest 2011, Director of

Solutions and Services Mimas JSC – Hoang Anh Viet shared experience and reflection his thought: Let the dream fly high, fly far. “A lot of students are wondering how to pass the competition and the evaluation of the jury or what the difficulties are? In my opinion, the most important thing is your dream and whether that dream is big enough to be able to award or not. Personally I think Vietnam Talent Award is a good opportunity to go to the end of your dreams!”



However, according to Mr Hoang Anh Viet, to achieve success, the youth shouldn’t put profit

and money in to the dream. Because money will be the obstakle of development steps and success.

He said at the beginning products, his group identified digitized system of human thinking aims to help people work more effectively and built a solution that men do not depend too much on the machine. He also shared targets, experience of Mimas to overcome difficulties and succeed.

At the meeting with the participation of hundreds of students, many questions were posed to the “Vietnam Talents”, created a very lively exchange atmosphere. Director Hoang Anh Viet and the other award-winning authors discuss, answer queries of the students.



Through the meeting, Director of Hoang Anh Viet also shares the difficulties and challenges that along with members of his group to confront Mimas. With the desire to turn high innovative technology ideas into useful products, extensive application in not only Vietnam but also in the world, Mimas Group has been trying very hard. First and foremost, the goal of Mimas is make Vietnam go further in the field of digital technology, not only in the local area but in the international arena.

The meeting not only help people share but also is an opportunity for the “Talent Of Vietnam” to learn, help each other, come together towards the common goal: Helping Talents of country shine, for a day to Vietnam prosper!



At the end of the meeting, Chief Editor of electronic Dan tri – Chief’s organizers of Vietnam Talent Award, Pham Huy Hoan flowers, thank those who attended the award, which make meetings success.


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